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Swimming Pool

Pool Season for 2023:
The pool will open for the season at 9am on Friday, May 26th & will close for the season at 10pm on Monday, September 4th.

Pool Hours:
Daily: 5am – 10am - Adult Only Time

Daily: 10am-10pm - Everyone Allowed
Tuesdays:  Closed for Maintenance & Private Parties

Pool Information:

Safe operation and use of the pool is our top priority. The pool is to be enjoyed by all that use it, but safety is always our main concern. Please read and be familiar with all rules. There have been some changes this year. It is the responsibility of parents to explain pool rules to their children and guests and make sure they abide by them. Please remember that smoking will not be tolerated on pool property. Also, if your child is not appropriately supervised, they will be asked to leave. Everyone is expected to follow the rules; adults, please serve as examples for children who are present.


Please be considerate of all who use the pool. It is not a “back yard” pool, but a neighborhood facility. It is meant to accommodate a wide variety of people in a relaxing atmosphere. Everyone who uses the pool helps fund its operation, however; this does not give everyone the right to do as they please. The HOA Board and the County Health Department govern pool rules. Breaking any of these rules can be unsafe and may result in the revocation of your pool privileges.


Pool Key Cards:
Your key card is required to gain entrance to the pool area. If you are in need of your first pool key card or a replacement, they can be purchased by sending an e-mail to
. The cost is $25. The security system will lock the gate to the pool at closing time. Please be mindful and exit before closing time. Also, if your key does not open the entry gate, please do not yank on the gate. If you have arrived during pool hours and your key does not work (and you have paid your dues) – please contact: Oklahoma HOA Consulting at 918-236-8122.


Pool Use Eligibility:
If you have not paid your annual homeowner’s dues, you should do so as soon as possible. You are not authorized to use the pool if you have not paid your dues. Your pool access card will be deactivated if your dues are not paid. If you have questions regarding your dues or would like to make special payment arrangements, please send an e-mail to:


Pool 911:
There is a telephone located at the pool house that automatically dials 911 for emergencies. If you have an emergency, please feel free to use this phone; it is there for your convenience and safety. However, if you or one of your guests accidentally knocks the receiver off the hook – please pick up the phone and stay on the line and explain to the 911 operator that there is NOT an emergency. If the phone is knocked off the hook and immediately hung up – the police consider this a “911 hang-up” and they will dispatch an officer to investigate


Pool Reservations:
Private pool parties are scheduled on Tuesdays from 3-9pm. The pool may not be reserved if a Tuesday falls on a holiday. There is no charge to reserve the pool; however, a $75 cleaning & damage deposit must be provided in the form of a check. If the pool area is cleaned and maintained as outlined in the rental agreement, your deposit will be returned. If not, the deposit will be kept to pay for cleaning or repair services. You will also be responsible for any additional cleaning and repair fees not covered by your deposit. All guests must comply with pool rules. Private pool parties are given out by lottery during the May annual HOA meeting.


You will receive a response shortly thereafter letting you know if your request has been approved along with instructions regarding the Pool Rental Agreement and Deposit. Dues must be up to date in order to reserve the pool. The pool is not considered reserved until a signed rental agreement has been received along with your $75 deposit check. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis and must be made at least one week in advance. On the day of your party, once your party has concluded, a HOA Board member will inspect the pool area and contact Oklahoma HOA Consulting to return your deposit to you (if applicable).

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